Our Whole Story

One cannot be truly happy or healthy without addressing issues affecting the whole person: body, mind, and spirit.

We work with clients to overcome the obstacles in their path and guide them on a journey to find freedom from depression, fatigue, obesity, chronic illness, and more. 


Love Your Body

A healthy body supports a healthy mind and we see incredible results when our clients make small changes to what they put in their bodies.

Your health counselor will walk you through the overwhelming information about nutrition and popular fad diets to tailor a nutrition plan that just for you. No two people are the same and no "diet" works for everyone. This process takes time but will go faster and smoother with our educated, experienced guides at your side.


Open Your Mind

Other health coaches focus on nutrition but don’t address mental health concerns. We want to hear your whole story which means finding out what is what is weighing on your mind.

Are you depressed about the past? Are you anxious about the future? Together we can identify negative thought patterns and the behaviors that result from these thoughts. Using a Trans-theoretical Stages of Change model, we work with you at your pace to identify and correct thoughts and behaviors that are keeping you stuck.


Free Your Spirit

We believe anyone can make the kind of lifestyle changes that our counselors have made.  Fueling your body with nutrient dense foods and feeding your mind with positive thoughts will truly free your spirit. Many of our clients experience true self-love and happiness when working with our coaches and the results can be seen on their faces, hair, skin and body. A happy, free spirit truly shines bright for all those to see.