Wellness Programs

3-month and 6-month Private Wellness Programs are health and wellness journeys designed to take clients through a total mind-body healing process. It places a strong emphasis on personalized nutrition and learning to listen to one’s body. Diet is based on the individual, with the understanding that one person’s food is another person’s poison.  In addition, wellness programs are designed to address the role that career, lifestyle, and relationships play on ones health. The goal of the Wellness Program is to bring balance back to a person’s life while working extensively and completely to resolve the client’s current health conditions.

The Wellness Program includes:

  • Bi-weekly 50-minute counseling sessions (2x/month)
  • Thorough health history review and goal setting
  • Thorough dietary analysis & guidance
  • Family health and eating history
  • Hands on cooking classes
  • Pantry Purge
  • Body-type & Personality analysis
  • Favorite Dish "Re-Do" - I'll personally "re-do" you're favorite dish so it fits your new lifestyle
  • Customized
  • On-going text and e-mail support from Carissa (recipes, articles, blogs, etc.)
  • Natural health food store tour
  • Teas, health products, foods, etc.
  • and much more


Is the 6 Month Wellness Program for You?

Every one of my clients is different, from a different background and has unique counseling needs. Some clients feel that 1 or 2 counseling sessions is the "re-boot" they needed to get back on track. Some clients have a specific health concern and find that 4 or 5 individual sessions are enough to resolve their symptoms.

However, most of my clients are dealing with multiple, inter-connected health, nutrition, and wellness issues. For these clients, I strongly recommend our 6-month Private Wellness Program. Together, we take a deep-dive into your health history and work together to reach short and long-term health goals. A six-month program is the most effective way to re-learn how to intuitively nourish yourself and bring your life back to a state of balance. It is the best opportunity that clients have to lose weight, reverse disease and change their lives.

Ready to Change Your Life?